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In the present day, your business’ online presence is the most important factor when trying to reach new clients online. It is paramount that businesses today have a strong presence online as potential customers judge your brand’s quality by how it appears online. A modern and professional online presence will improve the perceived credibility of your business, driving your revenue through the roof.

We help business owners redefine or create their presence online by offering a wide variety of services. Our services generate online and physical traffic that takes your business to new heights.

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Why is a professional
online presence

There's a reason successful businesses care about their online presence.

The modern consumer EXPECTS to see a professional online presence from brands they purchase from. Modern-day consumers are less likely to make purchases from brands without a well-designed online presence, as most modern consumers judge a brand's quality by the quality of their online presence.

This doesn't just apply to online-only brands - it is proven that a professional-looking online presence drastically increases sales in retail and service providers as well. No matter what niche your business fills, world-class online presence and well-established branding are critical to your brand's success.

Improve Your Online Presence

Why work with us?

We strive to make you happy. It is your brand, after all.

Essence Brand Creation is a full-service brand creation agency. We handle every step of the brand development process, start to finish. Our team prides itself on a personal and professional approach to completing your project. We understand that communication is very important and remain in touch with you throughout the course of the entire project. We take all of your input throughout the process so we can shape your brand in perfect accordance with your vision.

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Recent Testimonials

A few words from some recent clients


Austin Chambliss

WVE Media

"Essence Brand Creation did a great job on our website. Throughout the entire process they were transparent and as professional as it gets. I highly recommend them."

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Quinn Alexander

Mass Follow for Twitter

"Essence Brand Creation's work has been great. I really appreciate the great lengths they went through to get my feedback during the design process."

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Becky R.

Director's Answering

"We love our new website and web form. Essence Brand Creation did a spectacular job."

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