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We offer brand development for the modern era. We help business owners create and refine their digital branding;  We establish world-class online branding for businesses of all types and sizes.


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Brand Development
for the Modern Era

We help business owners create and refine their digital branding;  We offer a wide variety of services that establish world-class online branding for businesses of all types and sizes.

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If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

As business transitions to the digital era, business and brand owners must adapt. Establishing and maintaining a professional online presence is no longer optional in the modern era. The modern consumer EXPECTS to see a professional online presence from brands they purchase from. Modern day consumers are less likely to make purchases from brands without a well-designed online presence, as most modern consumers judge a brand's quality by the quality of their online presence.

This doesn't just apply to online only brands - it is statistically proven a professional looking website and social media page drastically increases sales in retail and service providers as well. No matter what niche your brand is, a world-class online presence is critical to your brand's success.

Our services

How We Can Help

Website design

Professional website design from A to Z; we work with clients to design all types of websites tailored to fit any brand and any budget.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps land your website on the front page of various search engines such as google, bing, and more.


We provide solutions such as credit card processing, store design, inventory management, to generate brand sales online.

App Design

We create apps for all different types of brands from the initial prototyping phase to publishing the app on the App Store and Google Play.

Facebook ads

We help with ad creation, target audience research, A/B split testing and other complicated sides to running ads on Facebook.

Facebook Pixel

We help install and manage your Facebook Pixels. Pixel collects data that optimizes your ads - converting more viewers to clients.

influencer marketing

Utilizing various niche accounts, we pair your brand's ad campaigns with Essence influencers to show your ad to millions on social media.

Content Creation

Need help creating a killer promotional video, online ad, or social media post? Our team offers custom content creation tailored to your brand.

Social media marketing

We establish and manage effective social media accounts - increasing traffic to you social accounts, generating more sales for your brand

Our Process

How We Build World-Class Brands


All off our brands start from a FREE analysis from one of our dedicated Brand Specialists. We'll analyze every aspect of your online presence, and let you know how you can improve your online presence.


Next, we'll create a plan to improve your brand's online presence. Your brand specialist will work with you to carefully personalize an online presence strategy plan specifically tailored to your brand's needs.


After crafting the perfect plan for your brand's online presence, our team will begin building and revamping your brand's online presence. We take all of your input and specifications into account, ensuring the final product is exactly how you envisioned.


Throughout the execution process, your brand specialist will remain in touch with you. We'll communicate key element such as design prototypes, ad clicks, and much more. Your brand specialist will always answer any question you have during the process.

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